Alexander Sierputowski 

Graphic Designer

Designing with Acessibility

Snack Attack and Dungeons and Dinos was designed with ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism in mind because...



Candy Critters

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Accessibility - The Craft of Inclusion

Snack Attack & Dungeons and Dinos

Focusing on making board games universally enjoyable, Alexander harnessed his skills to create a visual and gameplay experience that caters to ADHD, dyslexic, and visually impaired individuals.

From childhood struggles with dyslexia, Alexander learned to turn challenges into strengths, leading to his mission to design inclusive games.

Collaboration - Merging Minds and Talents

Candy Critters & Rock Paper Ninja

By collaborating with diverse talents, Alexander co-created games that combine simplicity with creativity, showing that unity breeds innovation.

Drawing inspiration from multicultural influences, he sought partnerships that enriched his design philosophy.

Production and Impact - Manifesting Vision

Potion Commotion & Emberwind

Displaying his capability to handle complex game designs, Alexander showcased his knack for intuitive design and impactful storytelling.

The intricate details of Emberwind and the solitary journey of Potion Commotion echo his growth as a designer and project manager.

Print and Publication - The Iron Touch

Iron Impetigo

Alexander's forte in publication design culminated in the visually captivating and print-ready game of Iron Impetigo.

Traversing the challenges of print media, he honed his craft ensuring every design was print-perfect.

Brand and Identity - More Than Just Logos

GameDirection, Mdrnist Logo, Eagle Cabinets

Building brand identities, Alexander went beyond mere logos, encapsulating each brand's essence and ethos.

From his fascination with symbolism, he created iconic brands that resonate and leave a mark.

Management & Pipelines - Organized Chaos

Minuteman Press, UI/UX Flex & Programs

Demonstrating proficiency in both organization and digital solutions, Alexander redefined management through innovation.

Through trials and errors in the early days, he refined his approach to team management and workflow, optimizing for efficiency and clarity.

Alexander Sierputowski: A Graphic Designer's Journey

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Snack Attack is a family hit! Inclusive & fun. Kudos to the amzing work!

Lorena Watson

Dungeons and Dinos simplifies D&D perfectly. GameDirection really bridges the game gap!

Emma Brown

Potion Commotion is a tabletop gem and this game wil be a real hit!

Emma Brown

Mdrnist Wave's branding by Alexander is sleek & iconic. Truly stands out!

Flavian Rosca

Alexander's tools for Minuteman Press are game-changers. So user-friendly.