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In ancient times, the Llamcan and Chitec empires were best friends. They both loved candy and sharing it with each other. One day a group of chihuahuas and llamas discovered a beautiful and bountiful cocoa bean forest. Chihuahuas and llamas love cocoa beans, because they can transform them into chocolate! The llamas and chihuahuas claimed the cocoa bean forest for each of their respectful empires. However, the location of the cocoa bean forest was perfectly split between the Chitec and Llamcan empires. Both the chihuahuas and the llamas had equal claims to the forest, but neither empire wanted to share with their neighbor. The Chitec and Llamcan empires declared war! Neither the llamas nor the chihuahuas wanted to get hurt or die while fighting. They mutually decided to only use candy weapons and whoever was the last animal standing (or not passed out from a sugar coma, chihuahuas and llamas ate their candy weapons) will win the war!

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How to Play

Candy Critters is a two player game. Each player chooses to play as the chihuahuas or llamas. Players shuffle their warrior decks, then place 3 piles of 6 cards in the warrior slots on the game mat. Next shuffle the game deck and place 7 piles of 4 cards facedown in each of the slots around the game board. Flip the game cards over. Toss a coin to decide who goes first.


Players moves the pile counter clockwise, laying one card in each subsequent pile until they run out of cards.

To Score Points

Players match their warriors with weapons cards when they move card piles around the play mat. When they reach their warriors and have a weapons card, they can match it to a corresponding warrior. 


As the game continues, cards stack up in piles around the mat. Players can strategize by hoarding their cards or getting rid of their stacks as quickly as possible to win!

Card Types


There are three weapons cards: Candy Clubs, Candy Axes, and the Golden Candy. The Candy Clubs and Candy Axes have symbols that match a llama or chihuahua warrior. The Golden Candy is a wildcard and matches any warrior card.


The Block Card is played whenever it reaches the warrior slots. The Block Card is placed on top of one pile and prevents the player matching any of the warriors with weapons beneath it. To remove the Block Card, the top card on the other warrior slots must be matched with weapon cards.


When Sugar Rush is the top facing card on a pile, players skip over it and don’t place a card on top


The Exhaust Card counters a Sugar Rush card.  


If the Sharing Card is the last card played in a turn, the entire pile it lands on is moved to the opposite side of the board.


Creator and producer Whitney Grace is new to indie gaming that’s why she teamed up with game designer Alex Sierputowski of GameDirection to develop the best game possible. GameDirection, LLC. has a brilliant track record with tabletop, digital, and board games. Both Whitney and Alex are neurodivergent geeks, who love to share a their passion for awesome games with others. Whitney has autism and Alex has ADHD.

Candy Critters: Chihuahuas vs. Llamas was specially designed to appeal to people with neurodivergent disorders. Candy Critters’ gameplay involves pattern recognition and strategic planning which appeals to autistic gamers’ strengths. It also has fast gameplay, requires quick thinking, and its easy rules are perfect for ADHD gamers. Plus the eye catching graphics and engaging story appeals to everyone, not just gamers with ADHD and autism. Candy Critters: Chihuahuas vs. Llamas is production-ready after beta testing. There are some final changes to make in game play and rules, but there won’t be any major redesigns. GameDirection has successfully produced, manufactured, and shipped Kickstarter projects in the past.

Much like any Kickstarter project, even if we plan accordingly, things can go wrong due to unforeseen circumstances and cause shipping delays. These may include but aren’t limited to: lack of resources, pipeline distribution blocks, further interferences due to the global pandemic, chihuahuas refusing to leave their blanket burrows, llamas conspiring to swim to Australia, Whitney’s toy robot collection gaining sentience, breaking out of their toy box, and planning world domination, etc.

Whitney and Alex plan to regularly update backers on progress as well as interact with them via email and social media. Part of the fun of Kickstarter is notifying backers of progress as it develops.

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