How It's Played

Snack Attack is an easy-to-learn but deceptively difficult-to-master card game where you play as a Nomnisaur.

Draw 3 Cards

You start each game with a hand of 3 Cards consisting of food and flavors, where the objective is to steal the most snacks!

Stack Snacks

Players take turns playing cards on Dishes, stacking treats sky high! 

NOM! on a dish

Snack Attack is an easy-to-learn but deceptively difficult-to-master card game where you play as a Nomnisaur.

Picky Eaters

You start each game with a hand of 3 Cards consisting of food and flavors, where the objective is to steal the most snacks!

Meet the family

Families are messy—and no one’s more messy than Rex. When he’s played, return all the food on a dish to the deck. But don’t only look to the ground for threats! If Momnisaur catches you hoarding, she’ll make you share your goodies with the other players. Remember, mom loves you all equally!

So Why Buy?

GameDirection’s lead designer—Alex Sierputowski—struggles with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADD). These challenges have given him a unique awareness of the need for more accessibility in gaming. By supporting GameDirection, you are supporting a genuine indie creator that pours all of his heart and imagination into his creations.

GameDirection’s games are not designed to maximize profit, but are meant to create an environment where people of all ages, types, and disabilities can come together and have good, simple fun.

Accordingly, we put great importance on the quality of the components, the art, and the design of our games. We only produce a small quantity so that we can focus our efforts into ensuring every copy is assembled and treated with care.

Snack Attack is the culmination of Alex’s hopes and ideals, and embedded into the game’s DNA is a design that he feels will achieve his goal of bringing people together.

Try out the Easy to Use Print & Play

Check out the Coloring Sheet!

Meet the Team

Game Designer

Alexander Sierputowski is the founder of GameDirection LLC, an independent studio from Cleveland. He believes that creating a memorable experience is the foundation to every good game, and has assisted other studios such as Level99 and Nomnivore Games achieve that for over 12+ years. Snack Attack is Alex’s first project where he is the lead, which has him equally excited as he is terrified! Please help him make his dream come true!

Project Coordinator

Derek Chung is the founder of Nomnivore Games Inc. and lives in Toronto. He got into game development the usual way: a steady diet of geek media and anime, a hatred of sleep, and an interest in co-operative storytelling. His background in psychotherapy reinforced his love of shared worlds and experiences, which had him publish his first game, EMBERWINDTM. He is happy and excited to be bringing his second game, Snack Attack, to life with the help of his amazing friends and the awesome Kickstarter community!


Jin Shim is a Toronto-based artist, working full-time for her independent studio, Belli-Buttons. Jin is most commonly found at conventions, selling buttons and other merch of her favourite anime and game characters. On the side, Jin streams on Twitch, where you can watch her illustrate or hear her curse as she plays games.

Delivery Timeline

The estimated time of delivery is July 2021. Please note that with the presence of Covid-19 worldwide, the date of delivery may change. We’ll be monitoring the development of the pandemic closely and will update shipping timelines quickly if anything changes.

Launching Kickstarter

Jan 2021

We will be launching on Kickstarter to raise the initial funds to push the game to production!

Contact with Manufacturing

Feb 2021

With the new Funds, we will be reaching out to the manufacturing about producing the game.


April 2021

Once the cards are made, we will be spending time Assembling them.


June 2021

After the decks are built and made, we will be starting to distribute to all of our backers!

Kickstarter Completed


We made it, you can now buy the game and share with your friends! Thank you so much for all of the support, we will love to make more games!


These shipping values are only estimates and may change as the state of the world evolves with the presence of Covid-19. The definitive shipping charges will be handled after the campaign via our pledge manager. Please note that add-ons will increase the cost of shipping.

Backers from outside North America: We regret to inform you that, at this time, Snack Attack is not being offered outside of North America due to challenges involving Covid-19.

+$4 Shipping Basic edition of the game.

(Out of the US)
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